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Jonah Hill Deletes Instagram

Jonah Hill is one of the biggest names in the American entertainment industry. Hill is regarded as one of the finest actors in recent times. He was always fond of acting since his childhood days. Hill started acting from a very young age and quickly grabbed the attention with his impeccable portrayal. He has acted in a number of famous movies and has been thoroughly appreciated for his talent.

Hill is especially known for his versatility and his ability to blend into the character effortlessly. However, the actor does not seem to be in a great state of mind at the moment. As per the recent updates, Jonah Hill has deleted his account from Instagram. This news comes as a serious aftereffect of his recent comments about panic attacks. Jonah appeared in an interview and opened up about his insecurities.

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He revealed that throughout his acting career, Hill has been subjected to numerous panic attacks. Hill also elaborated on the fact that his fear and anxiety escalated after he faced the public and media events. Hill stated that he was terrorized by his panic so much that he had refrained from promoting his upcoming documentary, “Stutz”. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Jonah Hill Distances Himself From Fans 

Jonah Hill has recently deleted his Instagram account to distance himself from his fans. In a recent interview, Hill stated that he was petrified at the thought of being confronted by his fans and media. 

Jonah Hill wanted to take some time off from all the pomp and show. The actor made it clear that he will be stressing about his health primarily before going out into the open again.   

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