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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Joseph Baena Reflects On Recent Elimination

It was a heartbreaking night for Dancing with the Stars fans — and for one particular contestant in particular.

On Monday, Joseph Baena and his partner Jenna Johnson were sent home from the show after being voted out by America. It was a tough moment for everyone involved (especially since it seemed like they had chemistry), but it was especially hard on Baena.

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The 21-year-old son of former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger wiped tears away as he addressed his elimination from the ballroom competition, saying that he wished there had been more time because he felt like he had more to show. He thanked Tyra Banks for hosting and then said goodbye to all of his fellow competitors before making his exit.

Joseph Baena and Jenna Johnson have been eliminated from Dancing with the Stars, but they’re still the real winners.

They were the first couple to dance their way into our hearts this season, and we’ll be sad to see them go. But we’re sure that these two will continue to bring us joy in all their future endeavors—whether it’s on DWTS or not!

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They have so much chemistry, which is clear when you watch them compete on the ballroom floor. Every time they danced together was a true delight for everyone watching at home. We’re so glad they got as far as they did!

Joseph Baena Gets Emotional 

Schwarzenegger’s son Joseph Baena was eliminated on Monday night, but he couldn’t hold back the tears when he said goodbye to his partner Jenna Johnson. The pair, who waltzed to a Janelle Monae hit during their last dance, got emotional after learning they were going home.

“This journey has been insane, so much fun,” he said through his tears. “I wish I could stay longer and learn more from you guys. I love all of you so much — thank you for being here tonight and supporting us all season long. I hope to see everyone again soon.”

“I just want to say how blessed I feel to have this experience,” Baena said after the couple was voted off. “I just wish that there could have been more time because I feel like I had more to show, but I guess my time was a little too short. Thank you so much everybody.”

Despite his elimination and disappointment, the DWTS competitor continued to smile throughout his interview with ET’s Lauren Zima backstage.

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