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Julia Roberts’ Brother Talks About Their Relationship

Eric Roberts has been dispelling rumors regarding any rifts between him and Julia Roberts, his sister. However, he also admitted that there are quite a few things the siblings fail to agree on.

Rift rumors have surrounded the brother and sister for over three decades, and they’re apparently all exaggerated. Still, Eric, who is Emma Roberts’ father, knows how the speculation started. 

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While talking to David Yontef on his podcast called Behind the Velvet Rope, Eric explained that he and Julia Roberts have never been anything other than alright. But then, he began to explain the source of the rift rumors. Eric explained that several years ago, he was on a tour for the press for a movie, but he could not remember the name of the movie. He thinks it was about the time “Pretty Woman” was shortly released, so the press was asking him several questions regarding Julia Roberts. That’s when he replied by asking the press to talk about him. At the time, he had thought it was funny.

However, the media along with the fans, immediately speculated that a feud in the family was happening.

Julia Roberts Praised By Her Brother

Eric continued that the media must have thought that the siblings have some problem, and then exasperated that the two have some problem. After that, he kept hearing about many problems between the siblings which, in reality, did not exist. According to Eric, they just kept surfacing at all kinds of places and then he kept being asked about these problems as if they actually happened. It all forced him into becoming a personality that he was not.

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Eric further explained that he shares a normal sibling relationship with Julia Roberts, her sister, and the winner of an Oscar. Like normal siblings, the two have always communicated, fought with each other, and had fun. He even praised Julia by saying she was a “cool chick” while being a mother of three teenagers.

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