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Martin Luther King Jr. And His Wife Cleared Julia Roberts Hospital Bills At Her Birth

Julia Roberts, the American Award-winning actress turned 55 on the 28th of Oct. A clip resurfaced on the internet, where she was seen saying that the late Martin LK Jr and his better half Coretta King had cleared all their dues at the hospital during her birth. They had been very supportive and a pillar of strength for her parents.

Julia Roberts’s Parents Were Trendsetters

Julia Roberts’s parents Betty and Walter Robers had a theater school in Atlanta called the Actors and Writers Workshop. In 1960 Coretta Scott had rung up her mother one day, enquiring whether her children could enroll in her school as they were finding it difficult to get admission elsewhere. Her parents welcomed them with open arms and as time went by they became very good friends. During Julia’s birth when her parents were facing a financial crisis they bailed them out. 

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Once a member of the KK Klan had torched a car in front of her parent’s theater to protest the fact that M L King Jr’s daughter Yolanda was kissing an actor on stage, who was white. The fact that Julia’s parents had given Martin Luther’s children admission to their school was commendable as in those days there was not much of interaction between the whites and the blacks. Her parents did what they thought was right.

Julia Roberts is married to Danny Moder. They have three children together, a twin Phinnaeus, and Hazel. They are both 17 years old the other child is fifteen years old and he has been named Henry.

Julia’s latest movie ‘Ticket To Paradise’ was released on the 6th of Oct this year. Her main lead is George Clooney they both have done wonderfully well.

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Julia has remained an iconic figure whose assured winsome performances underscored her undeniable public appeal.

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