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Friday, January 27, 2023

Julian Edelman And Tom Brady Shares A Throwback Video On Social Media

The Patriots won the Super Bowls just a few days back with the stars like Julian Edelman and Tom Brady. The fans of the Patriots were super happy and were celebrating for some time now. However, they must realize that the win was quite a long back and the good old days are done. 

The Fans Of Patriots Are Teased By Julian Edelman’s Video

Recently on Monday, Tom Brady reshared a fancy old video that showed Julian Edelman’s continuous routes of running for him. All the fans of Patriot felt the longing for such a glorious past of England. Edelman saw the video and tweeted by asking his fans about the look of his knee. He also shared this video on Instagram and gave a caption that he still has the talent and determination like before with some emojis of the eyeball. 

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The fans of Patriots got a heavy blow after Tom Brady left and Julian Edelman suffered from a grave knee injury in 2020 that almost ended his career. However, Julian Edelman still has some chances to revive his team back, while Tom Brady is playing for Tampa Bay. The chance of Julian Edelman to play in the NFL is zero and a video like that only puts pressure on the players even more. 

The video that was shared seemed to have been made at the same time when the trickery video of Tom Brady was filmed.  That video made people think that Tom Brady had some superhuman talent. The Tom Brady video was shot last July where he was wearing the same shirt as in Edelman’s video and was playing on the UCLA field. Tom Brady after resharing the video of Edelman, tagged the production team of Shadow Lion. 

Thus, it proved that this video does not show recent encounters of workouts and the probability of Julian Edelman joining Tampa is zero.

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