Julian Lennon Sang His Father’s Peaceful Anthem For The First Time

Julian Lennon
Julian Lennon

Julian Lennon, the son of John Lennon, took a vow in the past that he would never perform ‘Imagine’, the iconic song of his father in any public event or gathering. However, the recent war situation between Ukraine and Russia forced him to perform this peace song for the first time in a public gathering. 

Julian Lennon, Took A Stand Against Russia On Instagram

Julian Lennon posted on Instagram this Friday that being a part of this human world and then as an artist, he was forced to react like this. This post also had a video of people holding candles while the song was being played. He also wrote that the lyrics of the song portray our unified wish for a peaceful world.

The song ‘Imagine’ takes the people into a place where togetherness and love are the reality for people and the light that is reflected by the song is a metaphor for positivity which is said to be present at the end of the tunnel. The video that Julian Lennon posted showed him sitting with just an acoustic guitar and posted it on his birthday. 

The performance that was posted was made for the Global Citizen’s rally on social media which had a motto, Stand Up For Ukraine, and is collecting money from people to help the refugees who have run away from the brutal attack of Russia. 

The alum of the show ‘Real Housewives’, Bethenny Frankel, raised an amount of $85 million for the refugees of Ukraine and citizens who are still suffering from the military attack of Russia. 

Lennon condemned the violence caused by Russia and stated that countless innocent people are suffering as they have been forced to flee from their comfort zone and look for asylum in a different place. In another post, he wrote that it is truly amazing to see what people can do when they want to help people.