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Friday, February 3, 2023

Julie Bowen Talks About Her Sexuality And Falling In Love With A Woman Long Ago

Though she still identifies as straight, the two-time Emmy-winning actress, Julie Bowen. admitted on the most recent edition of her Quitters podcast that she had previously fallen in love with another woman.

In an interview with former Bachelor competitor Becca Tilley, who is now dating recording artist Hayley Kiyoko, Julie Bowen remarked, “The concept that we open with, ‘So, how do you identify?’ and instantly you go into what you do in the bedroom.” “I am cisgender. I have been straight all my life. I once fell in love with a woman, but she did not reciprocate my feelings. She liked women, but not in the same way that she enjoyed me. I never really had to question the conception of my sexuality, though, because it never really took off,” she revealed.

Julie Bowen Believes She Is Predominantly Straight

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“I wouldn’t go out and say, “Guys, I’m a turtle ass-loving person,” if I began becoming really into stuffing turtles in my ass in the bedroom and that was my thing.” Bowen went on to emphasize that “The first thing we should know or care about someone should not be what they do with their body. Your business is that.”

Tilley brought up the topic of societal expectations to come out earlier in the interview. Tilley gained notoriety while vying for Ben Higgins’ affections on season 20 of The Bachelor in 2016. Although I don’t have a problem with people coming out, Tilley said, “I hope that one day people won’t have to come out.” “Because life is already quite difficult, it adds a lot of stress and weight. It should be simple and lovely for individuals to fall in love without having to explain it to others.”

Julie Bowen, who was wed to real estate billionaire Scott Phillips from 2004 to 2018, has made appearances on episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm, American Dad, and in the feature films The Fallout and Mixtape after the end of Modern Family in April 2020.

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