Justin Bieber Updated On His Mobility Returning Back After Recent Diagnosis Of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber

The Grammy-winning artist Justin Bieber recently posted a video on Instagram showing off his mobility returning back to face following up on his recent diagnosis in June that revealed Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which typically caused him to have facial paralysis affecting him partially.

Complications With Face Paralysis Striking Upon Justin Bieber

Bieber came in with new updates after revealing getting diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome coming in last June, which affected the artist to partially feel paralysis over his face. The 29-year-old singer has finally come back with some good news for his fellow fans as he showed his mobility returning back over his face on a recently posted Instagram clip this Wednesday.

The clip was captioned for the audience to wait for “it” as Justin Bieber popped a wide smile and moved his eyes across the screen while “Ice T” by artist Tems could be found blasting over in the background. 

The hospital chain called ‘Mayo Clinic’ released the information explaining that such occurrences happen due to an outbreak of shingles affecting a single face nerve usually near an ear. This disease can also lead to hearing loss also requiring intuitive prompt treatment for the affected individual. 

The clinic shared all the needed information along with immediate treatments to reduce the syndrome’s effects in risks of massive complications that might lead up to permanent deafness and even weakness in facial muscles. 

Soon after Justin Bieber revealed his said health diagnosis over the internet last June, the singer went into the details of the complications he has been facing, some being unable of blinking more than once in one eye, or move his nostrils and smile which could be seen fading over on one side.