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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Kamala Harris, Vice President, Under Fire Following ‘Disrespectful Tweet’!

Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States of America, gets reminded of the meaning of Memorial Day by users of social media. Many users of social media remind Kamala Harris that the true meaning of Memorial Day, a famous holiday, is to think about all the fallen soldiers, lost for making America great! On Saturday, Vice President Harris came under criticism from the users of social media. It was because of her tweet regarding Memorial Day, which lacked the true meaning of that famous American weekend. 

While posting a candid picture on social media, featuring a smiling Harris, she urged Americans to enjoy the weekend. However, it didn’t sit quite right with the users of the social media who were quick to condemn the lack of respect and tact by Kamala Harris. They reminded Harris of the many sacrifices made by American soldiers, which are meant to respect and honor this weekend. Tony Lederer tweeted with the picture of the Vietnam Memorial, urging her not to forget the reason behind this long weekend. 

It Has Been Long Since Kamala Harris Has Appeared On A Press Conference!

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Another Twitter user wrote that this weekend is not for having fun and enjoying but for remembering and memorializing the fallen American soldiers. The sisters and brothers who gave their all faith and devotion to the cause of America should be respected! This tweet was coupled with a picture of a lady lying with her infant on a thin blanket near this tombstone at the Arlington Cemetery. 

Peter Francis, a Twitter user said that while this long weekend is for enjoyment, the Americans should take a single solemn moment to remember those courageous women and men who sacrificed almost everything! Each year, May’s last Monday is celebrated as Memorial Day for honoring the women and men in the United States military. 

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