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Sunday, May 21, 2023

Karen Fukuhara Was Hit By A Man On The Streets

The Suicide Squad actress, Karen Fukuhara, raised her voice on violence inflicted on Asian people. Karen Fukuhara is also famous for her good performance in the series ‘The Boys’. She has been recently attacked on the streets without any warning. 

Karen Fukuhara Wants The Anti-Asian Crimes To End

Karen Fukuhara posted on social media that hatred towards Asian people must be stopped as the 30-year-old actress was hit in her head by a random man in the streets. Although she is physically fine, she wrote on social media to stop such inhuman acts and added that women, elderly people, and the Asian population needs help immediately. 

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Karen Fukuhara lives in Los Angeles and while going to a café, she was hit by a man so badly that her hat fell off. That man then started shouting at her and insulting her. Karen Fukuhara did not mention the exact location, however, she said that she was maintaining her own business and even had no eye contact when the man came out of the blue and attacked her. 

Karen Fukuhara said that the man was again coming to hit her and instead of encountering him, she moved back. She revealed that though earlier she had to face many hate comments and racial slurs, this was the first time she was physically harmed. She shared her experience to let people know that anti-Asian crimes are rising each day in America and people should be aware of these incidents. 

Karen Fukuhara was lucky that the man did not continue to assault her and was not having any weapon. She even wrote that she would now take self-defense tutorials in order to protect herself from future harm. She was wondering what satisfaction these assaulters have after inflicting harm on women and elderly people. As per sources, the hate crimes against Asian people have increased a lot in big cities like New York, Chicago, Ohio, Denver, Los Angeles, and many more.

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