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Katharine McPhee Feels Mom Guilt Over Her Son’s Santa Arrangement

The truth of being a mother. Katharine McPhee talked openly about missing Rennie’s significant Christmas achievement.

“I appreciate @jordiedos bringing Rennie along while his parents were performing. Keep your mom guilt strong! “The 38-year-old actress shared a caption with a picture of her 22-month-old child and husband David Foster’s daughter Jordan on Monday, December 5, through her Instagram Story.

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In the post on social media, Katharine McPhee made fun of Jordan, 36, saying that she “looks gorgeous,” while her infant “looks afraid” and Santa “looks inebriated.”

Katharine McPhee Feels Mom Guilt

Two years after she wed David, 73, and exchanged vows in 2019, McPhee gave birth to her first child. For his part, the composer has welcomed five daughters in the past: Allison, 52; Amy, 49; Sara, 41; Erin, 40; and Jordan.

The Smash alum talked about getting to watch her baby boy grow up after welcoming her son. Although he is still unable to move, having six teeth is a significant development. It’s kind of a lot for a 7-month-old, I suppose. In October 2021, McPhee spoke exclusively to Us Weekly about how it felt like a mouth full of teeth.

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A huge joy of parenthood for Katharine McPhee has been spending time with Rennie. “I am eagerly anticipating the standing and walking stage. Parents are saying things like, “Oh you don’t need him to walk for as long as possible,” but it will just be a wonderful transition, the singer remarked. He hasn’t yet begun to crawl, but I loved seeing him figure out how to sit up. That was a lot of fun. That major accomplishment was incredibly exciting. The American Idol alum discussed the difficulties of raising a toddler during the joint interview.

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