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Kelly Osbourne Celebrates A Year Of Being Sober

Kelly Osbourne has been one of the budding actresses of recent times. She has shown a lot of promise as an actor in the roles that she has taken up so far. Kelly is a multi-talented individual. Apart from being a great actor, the actress also has expertise in modeling and fashion designing.

Kelly has received a lot of awards for her prowess on the ramp. Osbourne is also a great singer and is a known face in the television industry as well. However, the career of Kelly has always been a rough ride. She has been involved in a lot of controversies. One of the biggest controversies that have plagued the life of the actress is her extreme alcohol addiction. She has faced a lot of problems in her life due to her alcoholism. Her health has also deteriorated significantly because of alcohol abuse.

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Fortunately enough, the actress has decided to start away from all the toxicity in life. She took the pledge to become sober a year ago. To everyone’s delight, the star has successfully completed one year without the influence of alcohol in her life. Kelly Osbourne took to the internet and shared the good news with her fans. She seemed overly ecstatic at being able to achieve this feat. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Kelly Osbourne Miles Away From Alcohol

Kelly Osbourne seems to be on the moon at the moment. She has been hit with more than one reason to be happy. Kelly has posted on Instagram that she has successfully completed a year of being sober. She stated in the post that she would not have believed all this just a year ago. Kelly seemed very proud at being able to pull off such a great feat. 

Kelly Osbourne has more reasons to be happy as well. She has announced her pregnancy in recent times as well. Kelly seemed very much excited to take up the new responsibility.

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