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Kelly, The Daughter Of Pele Shares Tribute

The Black Pearl of football, the magician of his time, the era-defining, undisputed king of Football is dead, and the whole footballing world is sad.

Pele, the three times champion of the World Cup who has almost turned into a myth has died and his daughter Kelly posted her tribute.

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Kelly Christina has shared her beautiful journey of life with her father along with some photos on social media showing many hands, and his spouse grasping the hand of the Black Pearl in what looks like a hospital.

The caption posted with the pics in Portugese read that everything they are, the credit goes to her father. The family loves him infinitely. He should now rest in peace.

Edson Arantes do Nascimento aka Pele has dies of Colen Cancer. His daughter kept people updated with the health conditions of her father. Previous week, she said that the family will spend the Christmas beside her father in the hospital.

Kelly Shared Tribute To Pele In Social Media:

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Kelly Nascimento said that they consulted with the doctor before deciding that it will be better for them to stay with all the care they get. She thanked everyone with all the love they show in brazil for their father as well as the whole world.

Making daiquiris, Brazil’s national beverage, in his room, she claimed, was how the family intended to keep spirit up.

Since the illness was found following a regular medical examination in 2021, Pelé has been receiving treatment for colon cancer.

As per Folha de S.Paulo, he was finally sent to a hospice unit at a Brazilian medical facility after chemo apparently failed. According to the publication, his chemotherapy was put on hold so he could have “reassuring treatments” for pain relief instead of “intrusive procedures.”




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