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Thursday, February 9, 2023

Kelly Ripa Enjoys Her Holiday Tradition With Family

Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa enjoy this holiday with their children, Lola, Michael, and Joaquin. Keeping the family traditions alive, Kelly hosted the Christmas celebration and shared family pictures which were captioned wishing a merry Christmas from the Consuelos family. The string of pictures also featured two of their dogs. The mom of three, being too active on social media, recently posted pictures of her outing for The Nutcracker performance with Lola taking place at the Lincoln Center. She captioned the pictures as Christmas Eve-eve. 

Earlier this December, Kelly posted pictures showing off her 33-year-old ornament collection that had been hanging on the branches. She posted a story on Instagram videographing her Christmas tree and a close of the heirloom of ornaments hanging on the branches while the background was engulfed with Carols being played. Right in front of this decorated tree, the family snaps their family picture and also additional mementos.

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Kelly Ripa had also posed a picture of a sparkly multicolored piece captioning a question, asking people if they too found the particular ornament beautiful. The post was commented on by Consuelos agreeing with his wife on the prettiness of the piece. The children had earlier returned to their nest on Thanksgiving, the previous month. However, the home had sheltered friends too and collectively the group partied all night as shown in the pictures they posted.

Fun Holiday At Kelly Ripa’s Nest

The children not only posed for the family pictures but did have a lot of fun making inside jokes and not cornering any of the members of the house. Fooling around with rubber gloves, the family is seen wearing them on and captioning the pictures to clean up. The father-daughter duo is then joined by Michael and the mother too posted pictures and captions them funnily.

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