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Kendall Jenner Hinting Towards a Reunion with EX Devin Booker?

Kendall Jenner has recently been hinting toward her reunion with Ex Devin Booker? They recently were spotted at a wedding on July 16th. This news once broke out and excited her fans.

Jenner was recently spotted pairing with her ex Devin Booker on a video. At least what we found out from the video posted on Kendall’s social media. It was the matrimony of the Head of OBB media, Mr. Michael D. Ratner with his partner, Lauren Rothberg. The matrimony was held in California, where we spotted Kendall together with Booker.

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Kendall Jenner flaunted her wedding guest dress on her Instagram stories, where we found a tall guy behind her. Even though neither of their heads was in those stories, the fans started speculations about who could the man be? Then the speculations took them to reach a conclusion, that this can be Booker. Fans become more sure of their theories as the basketball player was 6’5, and in the snap that Jenner shared, the man behind her also has a significant height, which is certainly more than the Kardashian star and model Jenner. To give context, Jenner herself is more than 5’10.

Is Kendall Jenner Back with Boyfriend Devin Booker Amidst Their Break-up in June?

Jenner has shared some of her snaps from her vacation where followers believe the basketball star is also in those pictures. In one of those snaps, she was riding the backseat of a convertible. In a picture, there were two people in the front seat. One of them had a thigh tattoo of Jack Skellington. The same tattoo was on Booker’s thigh as well.

In another video, as Kendall exits from the ocean, a man was seen swimming in shades behind her. Kendall Jenner’s fans think that can be the basketball player from Phoenix sun. However, the headgear of the swimmer made it difficult to identify him properly. 

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