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Kevin Smith Felt Bad For His Silly Complaints Against Bruce Willis

Kevin Smith, the American filmmaker, was feeling sad thinking about a time when he made silly comments about Bruce Willis, who is currently suffering from aphasia as revealed by his family. Kevin Smith recently tweeted after hearing about his diagnosis of Willis that he was a fan of Willis even before he was a part of Cop Out. Thus, Kevin is heartbroken after he heard about the news and was remembering old times when he cast Willis in his action-comedy movie. 

Kevin Smith Apologizes After Knowing Bruce’s Medical Condition

In the post, Kevin Smith revealed that Bruce loved to sing and act, and thus to not be able to do them anymore must be heartbreaking for him. He also apologized to him, and his entire family on Twitter for having small complaints against him while he was directing him. 

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Kevin Smith, the 51-year-old filmmaker, expressed his journey working with Willis in the movie ‘Cop Out’ as soul-crushing. He made that movie in the year 2011 where Tracy Morgan also played a vital role. Smith shared that though people expressed that he tried to blame the bad review of the movie completely on Willis, he clarified that he received no help from him during the making of the film. 

Kevin Smith also revealed that Willis did not even give time to shooting posters for the movie and he was saved for Tracy Morgan, who helped him out of the situation and made the production tolerable. 

It is not clear for how long Willis is experiencing the symptoms of the disease, however, his family declared that he would take a break from his lifelong career due to this disease. Aphasia is a disease that affects the cognitive functions of an individual making it impossible for him to write, speak, or even understand written or verbal language. This generally occurs after a head injury or stroke.

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