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Kim Kardashian Blamed For Showing Off Excessively

Kim Kardashian is one of the biggest names in the American entertainment industry. She has been the most popular television personality and a fashion icon in the United States Of America. However, celebrity influencer has always been involved in controversies. Recent news has been published about the excessive flaunting of assets by Kim. Yunis Abbas was one of the arrested men that allegedly robbed Kim back in the year 2016.

Kim was residing at her house in Paris during the Paris Fashion Week when the incident happened. A group of five miscreants broke inside Kardashian’s house in the disguise of police officers. However, Kim soon realized the truth and started calling for help. The men immediately tied the celebrity and gagged her. They robbed her entire house and left the scene with almost $10 million.

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Kim Kardashian was later found tied and traumatized inside her bathtub. In a recent social media post, one of the robbers stated that Kim herself was responsible for invoking the robbery. He accused Kim of excessively flaunting her money and her assets. Yunis said that while a chunk of the society is starving, such wastage of money is not something one would expect from influencers. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Kim Kardashian Robbery Revisited 

Kim Kardashian has a clear memory of when she was tied and robbed by five men. However, one of the robber, who was released on medical grounds accused Kim and other influencers of showing off too much wealth. 

Yunis also admitted that they got all the required information about Kim’s wealth from the social media itself. He also felt that Kim Kardashian does not care about anyone or anything. Yunis went on to say that he is not at all guilt-stricken for robbing Kim. 

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