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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Kim Kardashian Goes Against Balanciaga And Their Problematic BDSM Advertisement

After declaring she was re-evaluating her association with the fashion brand Balenciaga following their BDSM commercial scandal, Kim Kardashian reportedly declined a 2023 Balenciaga deal.

Before the release of the controversial photographs, the brand reportedly approached Kardashian with the offer; however, she turned it down soon after the reaction started, according to TMZ.

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The 42-year-old reality star has already contacted alternative designers and has discarded a number of the Balenciaga dresses she had planned to wear to upcoming occasions.

A request for a remark from Page Six did not immediately elicit a response from Kardashian or Balenciaga representatives.

Kim Kardashian Withdraws Her Association With Balenciaga

Not that Kim Kardashian hasn’t been outraged and upset by the current Balenciaga campaigns, but rather because wanted a chance to talk with their staff to learn how this could have happened for herself, Kim tweeted.

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She states that the horrific photos have left her shaken, being a mother of four and that

children’s protection must be prioritized above everything else, and endeavors to normalize child assault of any form have no place in society or civilization.

The “Kardashians” superstar, who has been in numerous Balenciaga advertising campaigns and participated in their runway show, continued by stating that she was re-evaluating her connection with the company, with which she has now ostensibly severed ties. Despite facing criticism for delaying in criticizing the company, insiders told TMZ that the creator of Skims is not now bound by a contract with the clothing company.

Many other famous people, including Kylie Jenner, a sibling of Kim Kardashian, have also expressed their disapproval of the upscale company.

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