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Know All About Hydragun, The Best Massage Gun In The Market Now

If you have been using The Stick or even a Foam Roller as your pre-run routine, then it is time to take a step ahead into the future. This is where the Hydragun massage roller comes into play. It is an athlete’s best buddy in the market right now. Let’s take a better look at this new therapy massage gun.

What all the other massage or recovery tools lack are precision and efficiency. The Stick and Foam rollers are effective but only to a limited extent. It plays a part in loosening your muscles but does not provide targeted relief to muscles in the process of recovery. This leaves most athletes and runners with a dearth of available choices when they need tools to heal their injuries.

Percussive Therapy Using Hydragun

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Recent studies have shown that percussive or vibration therapy and massage are effective in the prevention of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) and also help in better blood circulation in the muscles. In case you are wondering, Hydraguns use the same technology.

Massage guns are in vogue right now. However, most people shy away from these as they are thought of as expensive accessories. But wait till you use your first massage therapy gun. Most athletes and runners suffer from some kind of muscle tension at some point in their lives. Sometimes, techniques such as acupuncture, scraping, and so on fall short and it takes you weeks or even months to heal completely. This is where percussion therapy can help you. And Hydraguns are the best available tools for that purpose. Now the question is, why.

Top Reasons To Love The Hydragun Massager

It might be named Hydragun, but rest assured it has nothing to do with water. This massage gun is simple, easy-to-use- and compact in more than one. So, let’s dig into some of its best features.

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1: Comes With Six Attachment Heads

Hydragun Attachment Heads
Hydragun Attachment Heads

The Hydragun comes with six attachment heads that you can swap depending upon the type of muscle you are working on. There is a specific head for each muscle group which takes its efficiency through the roofs. Additionally, users can even control the speed so as to get a completely personalized massaging experience depending upon their needs and comfort.

2: Minimalist Design And Style

You are bound to fall for its chic look. But that’s not all there is to a Hydragun. This massage gun is lightweight and user-friendly that works on a single-button function. It has a comfortable grip and is easily portable.

3: Quietest Massage Gun Ever

You might not care for this much. But it makes all the difference. This feature does not let your massage tool mess with your daily routine. Plus, your friends and family might consider a 30-50 dB tool to be a boon.

4: Longer Battery Life

This feature enhances its portability as you can trust your massaging buddy to keep up with you through long hours. Hydragun has about 6 hours of battery life. This is great because you don’t have to worry about putting it on charging every time you think about your massage gun.

5: A Practical Device

There are very few gadgets in the market you can say this for. Priced at $299, this massage gun makes more sense in almost every possible way than others in the market right now.

Grab your percussive Hydragun today and hold the future of recovery in your hands.

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