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Monday, December 6, 2021

KP3R Price Touches All-Time High

The last week saw quite a few debacles in the crypto market, and KP3R was one of the very few cryptocurrencies which came out unscathed. Although several digital assets went down into the red after Bitcoin- which seemingly recoiled after getting through a new all-time high last week, the altcoin then added 31.60% against the USD and 44.17% against BTC between the 12th and 19th of November. There are a few clear reasons behind this impressive performance- and it is necessary that they are delved into. 

Reasons Behind KP3R’s Impressive Run

Andre Kronje can be credited for the momentum which led to the explosive price movement of KP3R throughout the history of the asset. The founder of the Keep3r Network is certainly an eminent figure in the space of decentralized finance and is also one of the founders of yield farming aggregator- called yEarn.finance, one of the biggest DeFi protocols currently in the crypto industry.

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The Keep3r Network was initially announced in October 2020, as a job registry whose purpose was to match organizations and other job providers with Keepers, or technical professionals- who would be able to go through routine tasks such as collecting the harvests of yield farming.

The KP3R ecosystem then started expanding in their attempt to include Keep4r Eden- which was simply a system of rules that allowed one to get transparent in the ordering of transactions- a Fixed Forex market that was aimed at providing one with an alternative to USD-denominated stablecoins, along with a liquidity mining platform. 

For months now, there has always been quite a lot of excitement from investors around KP3R due to the token seeing quite a few spikes of rapid appreciation that came about during its initial listing on Uniswap. The belief that the magic touch of Kronje would definitely turn any project into a successful enterprise- has been the driving force behind the asset. 

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