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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Kyle Richards Laments Losing Best Friend Suffering From Mental Illness

On Saturday, May 7th, Kyle Richards broke the news that Lorene Shea, her best friend, had passed away on May 1st. 52-year-old Lorene was fighting against mental illness. Kyle announced the news on her Instagram account alongside a collection of photos of the two friends.

Kyle Richards Deeply Saddened

In her Instagram caption, Kyle Richards wrote that she did not ever imagine that she would have to post something like that. She explained that Lorene and Kyle had been best friends from a very young age – 7. The star from “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills displayed photos that showed the two as both children as well as adults.

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53-year-old Kyle Richards stated that the two of them were in contact every day and would do everything together. She reminisced how they had lost their baby teeth together during elementary school as well as how they gave birth at around the same time.

Kyle Richards described Lorene as a sentimental, beautiful, smart, funny, thoughtful, and kind person. She explained that, to Lorene, the most valuable event was when she became a mother. It was vital to Lorene to be the best friend, aunt, sister, daughter, wife, and Mom she could be.

Additionally, speaking to her 3.8 M followers on social media, Kyle Richards explained that Lorene had just recently started suffering from crippling depression. She explained that everyone cared for her and did everything they could. However, Kyle lamented how a broken system had failed her friend.

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Kyle explained that the system had made it impossible for Lorene to receive the help that she desperately needed. As such, Richards promised to do all she can to modify the present laws that encourage cases like Lorene to go unaided. She ended her post with a declaration of love and peace for her best friend.  

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