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Kylie Jenner Says She Does Not Apply Much Makeup As She Is ‘Naturally’ Gorgeous

Kylie Jenner, the founder of Kylie Cosmetics, recently, on an Insta Post, uploaded pics of herself with minimal makeup, to display the latest line of beauty products. The reality TV star showed her minimalistic look courtesy of a long-time friend and photographer Ariel Tejada.

The brunette’s beauty showed off her eyebrows, which were flawlessly manicured, and her stunning pink lip. Kylie Jenner shared a number of poses in a video that was shot in a selfie style. In the video, she speaks of herself saying that this is something else while panning the video to her face showing the details of the work done on her face before a flirtatious wink into the camera.

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The flirtatious wink must have set fire to the hearts of her 372 million followers. This video was shared by her on her Instagram. Ariel can be heard in the background saying he hardly did anything much. Replying to the comment of Ariel Kylie Jenner can be heard saying that nothing much was required as it was all natural. The video clip cut there.

Kylie Jenner Trolled By Fans

Her followers, her fans, and critics trolled the reality star with their comments. Many of her fans claimed that her face and body have changed over the years.

Writing in the comment section, one person said that ‘naturally’ was a new way to describe cosmetic surgery. Another hilarious comment was from a person suggesting that she Naturally went under the surgeon’s knife like other members of her family. One very blunt comment came from a person who said that there was nothing natural and further went on to say the word Natural should not be in the vocabulary of this family because they all paid to bring about the changes to their bodies and faces. One person argued saying with the kind of cosmetic work she got done she should not put on any makeup at all.

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