Lady Amelia Spencer Gets Married In South Africa

Amelia Spencer

Socialite Lady Amelia Spencer has married her longtime partner Greg Mallett at a South African mountain resort. Lady Diana’s niece and his university sweetheart at the beautiful La Cotte Farm in Franschhoek. The guests included the couple’s close friends and family.

Amelia Spencer’s twin sister, Lady Eliza, her sister Lady Kitty and brother Samuel were in attendance for the elegant occasion. Greg Mallett, going by his Instagram posts, is a fitness enthusiast and a professional coach. Besides being a trainer, Greg also is passionate about boxing. In a previous post on Instagram, he mentioned his over for the craft and describes some power shots.

The glam couple often takes to their social media pages and shares visuals from their frequent travels. Amelia Spencer and Greg Mallett enjoy traveling and exploring faraway places. Amelia Spencer is also a nutritionist and said that it meant much to exchange vows at this beautiful place. They have grown up together for the past 14 years, and they have spent their happiest times at this place. She said that getting married here had made this place even more special.

Amelia Spencer’s Father, Lady Diana’s Brother. Not Present At Wedding

The 33-year-old Mallett gushed that he had been dreaming about this moment for all those years, of watching Spencer walk down the aisle. Missing from the guest list was Amelia Spencer’s father, who is also Diana’s brother, Charles Spencer. The couple announced their engagement in 2020 and Charles then wished them love and the best wishes together. He mentioned that Greg had sought his permission before proposing to Amelia Spencer and found it very sweet.

They first went public with their wedding date at Spencer’s bachelorette party this January. Amelia’s friends shared pics of the party cake that featured a snap of the two along with their wedding date.