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Lala Kent Dumps Randall Emmett After Picture Surfaces

Lala Kent had earlier admitted that she made a mistake in her five-year relationship with Randall Emmett. She spoke of having her head in the sand. Lala split from the 50-year-old Randall after pictures emerged of the producer cheating on her in the company of two women.

Now Lala Kent has recreated that picture of the alleged cheating shot in Nashville. Kent, the star of Vanderpump Rules, recreated her account of the infamous pic on Instagram. It showed her strolling across that street where the fan had caught the producer with a couple of women back in October last year.

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Kent did not refer to the original picture in her captions in the post. There was also another picture of Kent flashing a sign of peace. Fans instantly picked up the recreation. One fan mentioned that the second pic had those dead-on, while another said they spoke along similar lines and agreed that the second one was savage.

Lala Kent Is On A Nationwide Tour For Her Upcoming Give Them Lala Podcast

Lala Kent is on a nationwide tour doing live shows promoting her upcoming podcast, Give Them Lala. She decided upon the recreation of the infamous incident during the trip.

Emmett had reportedly cheated on Lala Kent when on a work trip to Nashville in Tennessee even as she was at her home with Ocean, their 7-month-old daughter.

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Lala Kent has since said that it was unfortunate that she had been oblivious to much that she should have otherwise noted. She regretted that she had adopted a head-in-the-sand attitude about the cracks developing in their relationship. For quite some time.

But Lala Kent is grateful for having removed herself from the relationship and said that she does not regret the lost five years as she could have been in a worse situation.

She said she ran out of the relationship the moment she found out that it was not safe for her and she got ‘the f**k out.’

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