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Latest Stimulus Checks From These States

Any more stimulus checks are highly unlikely even as September comes around. However, the state governments will be paying millions of American citizens more relief payments.

The States’ Stimulus Checks

Several American states have decided to solve the problem on their own. Consequently, they have passed legislation and allocated funds for new stimulus payments. This is all to help the residents in their economic recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Read on to find out which the latest states to start the process are, and also which are already sending them out. Qualifications for these stimulus checks will also be provided.

First off on the updated list is Alaska. Alaskan residents may be eligible for some bonus money via the Extended Benefits program by the Federal and State government. This may bring extra weekly stimulus checks for anywhere between 13 and 20 weeks. However, only certain residents can claim them, and the amount is further dependent on the amount that has been claimed already.

In Arkansas, the state government is currently being sued by their residents regarding the government’s decision to cut off unemployment benefits from the federal government early. Any further checks will be discussed only after this is resolved.

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In California, the GS Stimulus checks are well and truly on their way. This is the second round and is only being sent to those who did not receive any in the first round. Their AGIs must also be between $30,000 and $75,000.

In Colorado, people getting a minimum of one payment due to unemployment will get another $375. The payment must have been between 15th March and 24th October of last year. Florida and Georgia are sending thank-you stimulus payments for frontline workers and teaching staff.

West Virginia has reported over 7,700 unclaimed relief aids including CTC, stimulus checks, and more.

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