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Monday, August 8, 2022

Fourth Stimulus Check Latest Updates: What Date Can It Come?

The citizens had greeted the pandemic stimulus checks with a very positive reception. But that does not ensure Congress will give another one. In a few days, the family stimulus checks will be going out too. Moreover, the bipartisan infrastructure plan of June did not mention any more relief money.

But Another Stimulus Check Is Not Completely Off, Yet

Even among lawmakers, stimulus checks have fallen in priority since there are fewer jobless claims in the entire year. But the public demand for a fourth one has gained the support of almost 3 million signatures. This is because the rate of unemployment is believed to be higher than 20%, making it difficult for many to pay their daily bills.

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The petition’s claims are not without researched backing either. The starting three rounds of stimulus checks had reduced hardships such as financial instability and food insufficiency. But, in total, adults have been paid $3,200 and $2,500 have gone to children as an aid so far. This is hardly enough for many families to cover the loss of benefits and wages.

Meanwhile, in the White House, the indication is their focus is now on spending on infrastructure. Jen Psaki admitted that Biden is willing to listen, but the solution for the short term has been done already. Moreover, 24th June’s shorter infrastructure plan makes no mention of “human infrastructure.” This means no funds for job training, child care support, or improved wages.

A couple of months ago, Democratic representatives had requested the President to consider another stimulus check. In May, the House Ways and Means Committee members also requested one. They cited that Americans are seeing spiraling debt and increased poverty.

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There are three other ways of paying more relief money apart from another stimulus check. They are: making the expanded CTC permanent, a hike in the minimum wage, and renewing unemployment benefits.

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