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Morgan Freeman Turns 84: Celebrating The Actor Defining Wisdom And Stillness

Morgan Freeman is the man who brings gravity to gravitas. The fabulous actor with the golden voice is getting all the love that he truly deserves from his fans on his 84th birthday. A gentleman who has brought wisdom and immense serenity to the screen in a career that spans decades.

He remains undoubtedly among Hollywood’s greatest and most versatile performers ever. There are few awards left for this gentleman who has the golden globe, the Oscar, and the SAG awards in his bag of honor. An additional claim to fame is that he is perhaps the most known narrators of our times, for it was he who gave God a voice in Bruce Almighty.

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His well-wishers and fans have turned up in droves on social media to wish him well. And each one had his reason to wish him. While many remember him for his role as a convict in The Shawshank Redemption others remembered him for his roles in The Electric Company, the 70s children’s show, or for his roles in Dracula and Easy Reader.

Morgan Freeman: A Legend To His Fans Around The World

Morgan Freeman’s fans defy geographical boundaries and they have united to celebrate his birthday. Fans from India have been effusive in their praise, one wishing him a ‘sensational’ birthday. The fan commended him for his sincere commitments and efforts that have gone into his achievements.

Some remember the voice of God in Bruce Almighty. Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman’s co-actor in gems like Unforgiven, Million Dollar Baby, and Invictus, wished the Oscar-winning actor.

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Morgan Freeman has not slowed down a bit in his acting career. He is still going strong, playing roles that will win the remarkable actor appreciation for years.

And the best way to pay a tribute to him would be to watch his movies. And there is one for every genre, from The Shawshank Redemption with its story of solace and redemption to a thriller like Se7en. Anyone would be spoilt for choices.

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