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Lenny Hochstein Jokes That His Secret To Weight Loss Is Cheating

The Real Housewives of Miami star grabbed the chance to make fun of Lenny Hochstein’s current relationship with Katharina Mazepa and his former wife Lisa Hochstein. Lenny Hochstein’s mother inquired as to why her son has appeared leaner lately.

Lenny, 56, joked on Instagram when his mother Mariana Hochstein questioned whether he was on a “starvation diet” beside a picture of him in Austria, “Having a wife and a girlfriend may be tough.”

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“Very fascinating. The Hochstein matriarch said, “I would not recommend that dish for anyone, but you strangely seem younger somehow,” before the Bravo celebrity reassured her that it was “only a joke.” 

Lenny Hochstein And His Wife Are Getting Divorced

The amusing interaction occurred only two days after Us Weekly reported that Lisa, 39, was the subject of a restraining order request on July 27 by Mazepa, 26, for alleged bullying and harassment. The representative for Mazepa further stated that the injunction was only brought about to stop Lisa from allegedly harassing and bullying the model and that her activities were “solely to harm Katharina’s physical safety, mental well-being, reputation, and business.” Additionally, it was claimed in the court records that Lisa set up multiple “finsta” identities on Instagram to spread allegations about an extramarital relationship between Mazepa and Lenny before their divorce.

Lenny and Lisa, who have a son named Logan, 6, and a daughter named Elle, 2, shared their separation after 13 years of marriage, Us previously revealed in May. The two had generated rumors of a breakup weeks earlier when the Russian national was seen out partying with his new girlfriend.

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In a statement to Us at the time, Lenny refuted any rumors of an affair, saying, “A few weeks ago, I rejected this because I am doing all possible to safeguard my family throughout this process. It is truly the case that I am dating Katharina, but none of this started until the divorce was decided upon.

This is a really tough moment, and I would like some privacy so that we may best care for our children, who mean the world to us, Lenny Hochstein said. Mazepa and Lenny had stayed preoccupied with their developing romance throughout the drama.

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