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Lexi Reed Hospitalized Early 2022 Due To Multi-Organ Failure

Lexi Reed, 31, from Indiana, was admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) last month. She had to be put on a ventilator in a medically induced coma, according to her husband Danny.  

Lexi Reed motivated her 1.2 million Instagram followers to live a healthy lifestyle, but her family has announced that she has been in serious condition for weeks due to an unknown disease.

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On Instagram, Lexi Reed garnered a following after chronicling her two-year struggle to lose 312 pounds “naturally” with a balanced diet and frequent exercise.

Lexi Reed’s Husband Posted Updates On Her Instagram Page

Lexi’s husband, Danny, shared the disturbing news with her fans on her @fatgirlfedup account on Thursday. In a candid Instagram post that was shared on Thursday, he gave Lexi’s 1.2 million followers an update on her health scare, explaining she started getting severely sick and couldn’t keep any food down. 

Lexi, a weight-loss influencer, is recuperating in the hospital and focusing on getting “back to health.” She was put on a ventilator and in a medically induced coma, according to her spouse Danny.

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Lexi Reed became very ill a few weeks ago, according to an Insta post on Danny’s Instagram account.

In 2016, the diet diarist started her motivational dispatches as a New Year’s resolution. She underwent skin removal surgery in 2018, taking away 7 pounds of extra flesh after a substantial weight drop.

Lexi hadn’t posted on Instagram since January 2, when she challenged herself and others to a New Year’s weight loss challenge. She recently revealed that the COVID-19 outbreak had caused her to fall behind on her objectives.

Lexi is still in the hospital as a result of her illness.

She is presently in dialysis, cannot walk, and is focusing on recovery, Danny continued in his post. Her husband Danny also said that the family is without health insurance and that they may start a GoFundMe to assist cover medical costs.

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