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Lili Reinhart Censures Celebrities For Starving Themselves To Fit Into A Dress: Comments Aimed At Kim Kardashian

Riverdale Star Lili Reinhart has said that celebrities who starved themselves for an event were ignorant. She said that the industry’s toxicity gets to her at times.

Reinhart labelled celebrities who starved just to get into a dress and attend the Met Gala as irresponsible and ignorant. She said that these stars had a strong fan following and by such immature acts they were setting a dangerous precedent.

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Discussing the trend on Instagram, Lili Reinhart said that it was weird that people walk on the red carpet and admit in interviews that they had been starving for a month just to get into a dress. She said that the whole thing was ‘F**ked’ at multiple levels.

Lili Reinhart Said That Such Reckless Acts Sent A Wrong Message To Followers

The 25-year-old Riverdale actor said that celebrities who gave details of their starvation diets were ignorant. She said that people who openly admit that they have starved, even as millions are listening and following them, are revealing their ignorance.

Lili Reinhart said that she does not normally get any, but she swore that the toxicity inherent in the industry sometimes made her furious and she released it on her Instagram Stories.

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Though she refrained from naming anyone, fans were quick to link Lili Reinhart’s comments with Kim Kardashian who was seen struggling to get into Marilyn Monroe’s dress, with some even suggesting that the dress might have been damaged in the process.

Kim Kardashian covered her backside with a fur coat during the whole photoshoot, strengthening the suspicion that the dress had been damaged in the process.

The dress was worn by Marilyn Monroe in 1962, the year she died. Lili Reinhart concluded her story by urging followers to stop blindly supporting stupid and harmful celebrities whose entire image is centered around their bodies or their public image.

Kim Kardashian gained fame solely from a leaked sex tape and then with her reality show. The tape is believed to have been planned and her mother, Kris Jenner, was behind the entire deal.

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