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Linda Evangelista Announces Lawsuit Settlement

Linda Evangelista is one of the biggest names in the world of fashion. She hails from Canada and has been one of the biggest models in the industry. Linda has a high huge fan base and is admired by many from all around the world. However, the model has been going through a rough patch at the moment. The model decided to undergo a fat-reducing treatment a few years ago. The treatment, known as CoolSculpting, is one of the safest ways to suck unwanted fats out of your body. Unfortunately, the model was met with tragedy soon after the completion of the surgery. Linda claimed that the company did not perform the surgery in the correct process and botched it up.

She also claimed that the mess-up impacted her significantly and deformed her physical appearance permanently. The model further stated that she suffered from paradoxical adipose hyperplasia after the treatment went wrong. This was a serious health condition that would result in her fat tissues growing and expanding. According to numerous health experts, the condition was incurable. This news left Linda devastated and she sued the company legally. After a long time, the model finally broke her silence and provided an update about her situation. Let us learn more about Linda Evangelista in detail below. 

Linda Evangelista Gets $50 Million

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Linda Evangelista went into a hideout after botching her CoolSculpting treatment badly. She finally came out to the world and made her fans aware of the latest happenings in her life. According to her recent post on the Instagram, the former model wrote that she has settled a claim of $50million against the company liable for the mess up. 

Linda Evangelista appreciated her near and dear ones in the post. She stated that the claim could not have been settled in the absence of her family and friends. She also vowed to start her life in a new manner. 

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