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Lisa Rinna Apologizes For Breakdown During Event

Dorit Kemsley’s “love and support” were acknowledged by Lisa Rinna when she “broke down” during a charity dinner.

In a preview for the Aug. 10 episode of the series, the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star, 59, could be seen crying during Kemsley’s dinner party.

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Lisa Rinna said the party was very beautiful, and she also said she was sorry for her breakdown during that spectacular evening. This has slightly teased the upcoming episode of the Bravo show.

She then thanked Dorit Kemsley for organizing it and said she loved her.

Kemsley, the one present on the board of a charity organization named the Homeless Not Toothless, captioned her post by saying that the episode has a special place in her heart. She says that it was not just one dinner with the girls; it was also special for us as a special guest joined them, and she introduced her favorite non-profit organization as well.

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Lisa Rinna Apologizes to Dorit Kemsley:

The group, she continued, “provides free dental care to the needy, including homeless veterans, foster children, survivors of domestic violence, and more.”

Her fellow star also commented, thanking her for such an amazing evening. On the other hand, Crystal Kung Mikkoff also said it was an incredible evening.

Supporters proposed theories. It’s possible that Lisa Rinna was grieving over the loss of her mother, Lois DeAndrade Rinna.

She has previously criticized the Bravo program for only paying tribute to her late mother in one episode.

She said she just got an episode of grace, and that was all taking social media platforms to express her feelings in the last month. She also added that Lois deserved much more while she shamed everyone.

Lois, who appeared on “RHOBH” multiple times, passed away in November 2021 due to a stroke. She was 93.

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