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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Lisa Rinna Make Shocking Revelation

Lisa Rinna revealed on the Oct. 19 episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” that she initially threw Garcelle Beauvais’ book in the trash, not Erika Jayne.

Lisa Rinna has a confession to make: She threw Garcelle Beauvais’ book in the trash, not Erika Jayne.

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On Tuesday night’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” Lisa Rinna revealed that she initially thought it was her costar who had thrown her friend’s book into their recycling bin (a big no-no). But when she realized it was actually Erika Jayne who did such a thing — after seeing footage from the season premiere where she could be heard bragging about doing so — she decided to confront her. And let’s just say things are still pretty awkward between them now.

Lisa Rinna Speaks About Garcelle

During their first sit-down together since the incident, Lisa confessed that she felt blindsided by what happened and didn’t know how to react. Erika said she regrets putting those words out into public because “it makes people think I’m an evil bitch,” but pointed out that there was no malicious intent behind it (and even joked about how much money they’d make from selling copies of Garcelle’s book). She said working with someone new is always challenging because they need time getting comfortable with each other before moving forward professionally together.

Beauvais was not surprised at all by the confession. She explained that she has heard many other stories about how Rinna throws books in trash cans on a regular basis — including one incident where she allegedly threw a book back at the author after signing it for her son because he was disappointed with her writing style​!

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In the end, it seems like both women have forgiven each other. So now we can all move on and focus on this season’s big drama—which will involve Erika Jayne, obviously.

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