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Lizzo Is Proud Of Her Body: There’s No Shame

Lizzo had her moments of self-doubt. But the right choices and attitude have given her the unshakable confidence that makes her impervious to any comments or criticism. She says that people take her for what she is. And she doesn’t make any attempt to be self-effacing or apologetic about it.

She owns her body and is proud of it. At 32, the Truth Hurts singer is at the forefront in support of the body positive movement. She is a strong advocate for a shift in the conventional notions of beauty. And she is all for baring and sharing it too.

Lizzo Is Proud Of What She Is

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Lizzo has dared to bare all for the What’s Underneath Project. She was comfortable shedding all her clothes for the interview. She talked about all the things that she loved about herself and even removed her wig for the interview. She said that all one had to do to see the real Lizzo was to go to YouTube.

That had been the turning point, and she says that she has nothing to hide anymore. Her fans love her for what she is.

Lizzo has dared to share an unedited picture of her in the nude. The empowering picture on Instagram is for others to feel free to embrace their real body without the aid of filters and Photoshop.

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Self-love has been a survival aid rather than a choice. She had been body negative too long and aims to love the body and enjoy her life as she is.

She began by shedding the negative image she had about herself. She made a conscious to love everything about her body. She believes that we first have to normalize who we are.

She aims for a world where there will not be a set standard for beauty. People of all shape size and colors should fit into the notion of beauty. Being body positive need not be a big issue anymore.

Research has shown that 80% of girls as young as 13 use filters in their pictures. It is scary, she says. These tools feed on the insecurity of this generation, she says.

She got into a positive mindset by following people who resembled her and were proud of their looks. She improved herself by following the right people who did not feel the need to edit or filter their image.

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