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Logan Marshall-Green Accused Of Martial Rape By Ex-Wife

Logan Marshall-Green’s former wife has charged him with marital rape and says she had an abortion during their two-year marriage.

Diane Gaeta, Marshall-ex-wife, Green’s made the allegations in a long Instagram post on Wednesday. Although Gaeta did not identify Marshall-Green by name, she implied that she was referring to him when she stated that the abortion occurred during her marriage, despite the fact that she had only been married once.

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The mother-of-two opens her piece by stating that she had two abortions, one while she was 18 and a student at New York University, and the other while married. 

Logan Marshall-Green’s Assault Led To Gaeta Getting An Abortion

He molested her after an altercation, and she became pregnant, she continued. She notified her spouse she was pregnant when he was filming a movie in Jordan. He didn’t want another kid, but he would have divorced her if she had chosen to have the child. The doctor discovered that the fetus was underdeveloped.

Finally, she explained why she chose to get an abortion. “I would’ve been compelled to bear a baby whose cells had developed into the lining of my womb by a guy who raped and physically tortured me, and would have left her with a third child.” She was completely dependent on him financially. Her life was saved by the abortion. She went on to say that abortion is indeed a woman’s right and that it “should never be snatched away from her.”

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Logan Marshall-Green has yet to reply to her remarks. Gaeta ended the relationship with Marshall-Green back in April of 2019 following alleging the ex OC star of infidelity with an actress, reported People. The couple married in 2012 and split in February 2019.

Logan Marshall-Green was asked to give Gaeta $4,000 and $6,000 monthly in kid and spousal maintenance as part of their divorce settlement.

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