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Logan Paul Backtracks On Threat Of Lawsuit Against Coffeezilla

Logan Paul has expressed an unconditional apology to internet personality Coffeezilla. He has stated that he will take accountability for his mistakes and Stephen ‘Coffeezilla’ Findeisen has said that he would accept his regret.

The spat between former WWE star Logan Paul and American YouTuber Coffeezilla over the CryptoZoo saga had earlier seen another twist when the former went on Twitter and shared an email screenshot. In it, he invited the YouTuber to his podcast, ImPaulsive. This led to numerous comments from fans on both sides. Many criticized the Ohio-based YouTuber for his acknowledgment of the whole situation.

Logan Paul Has Apologized For His Action And Agreed To Repay Investors

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The CryptoZoo scam and Logan Paul’s part in it have been among the biggest crypto stories of the past year and have dragged on into the new year. The creator and his team were accused of cheating millions in 2021 through his project.

Coffeezilla had earlier uploaded a YouTube series that documented the downfall of Logan Paul’s empire and also the following controversy. People lost millions of dollars in investment.

The creator and his development team have stayed out of the radar since then. But Logan Paul was recently on Twitter to announce that he would speak out about the accusations against him and his project.

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He said that tweet to Coffeezilla in which he invited himself into the discussion of the entire narrative. He also said that the next episode of ImPaulsive was scheduled soon, and he requested Stephen for a neutral location.

In the latest turn of events, Local Paul has apologized and has stated that he took responsibility for his actions that led to many losing their investments. He further said that he intends to repay the victims. It is an about-turn from his earlier allegation of unlawful recording and misinformation against Coffeezilla. He also said that he was not at war with Stephen.

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