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Social Media Users Are Furious About Louis CK And His Grammy Win

Louis CK recently won an award in the Grammy that took place this Sunday and faced a backlash from social media. All these criticisms Louis CK received due to sexual misconduct that he was accused of five years ago, negatively affected his career.

Louis CK Is Being Criticized For His Sexual Misconduct 

Louis CK won the Grammy award for the best album in the category of comedy known as the ‘Sincerely Louis CK’. This album was based on jokes and puns about five women who accused him of improper actions. The improper action that they referred to was masturbating in front of these women. 

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In one of the posts, Atima Omara, a political strategist, tweeted that he gets to abuse women and still keep his career intact with the new Grammy award. A columnist, Moira Donegan, who writes for The Guardian noted that his career went back on track and she tweeted recently wondering whether those women who gave those accusations also recovered from that shocking incident or not. She also revealed that those victims were threatened by the manager of CK. 

Marlow Stern also posted recently indicating her dislike for the incident and said people are doing too much just cancel culture. The win of Louis CK was declared just after the unfortunate incident of Will Smith where he slapped Chris Rock, the comedian, for his joke about Will’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith. 

The organizers of the Grammy are defending Louis CK for a long time for his nomination in that category among all the speculation about him. As per the team, they would not look at the history of people or their criminal records while judging the work. According to Harvey Mason Jr., the CEO of the Recording Academy, the organizers will only check whether the work is eligible as per their requirements or not.

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