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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Lucid Air configurator is now live

2021 Lucid Air

What does your perfect Air look like?

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Lucid Motors

Well, now we’ve all seen the production version of the Lucid Air and it’s certainly a cool car. We also know how much the three initial trim levels will cost and (spoiler alert) it’s a lot. But now we want to endlessly configure our perfect 517-mile-range-capable EV until it’s just right.


Our preferred spec.

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The good news is that Lucid’s configurator is now live on its website. The bad news is that this isn’t exactly Porsche we’re talking about, so we’ll be kind and say it “lacks sufficient granularity” for our taste, not to mention options pricing. Still, it’s something. 

How would I spec a Lucid Air? Well, first, how kind of you to ask. Second, it’d be a Grand Touring spec in zenith red with the 20-inch Aero Lite wheels. I’d spec the Mojave Purluxe nonleather interior (because I like it) along with the optional cold weather and performance packages.

Let us know how you’d spec yours in the comments below.

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