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Monday, November 30, 2020

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The Tesla Model S is in for a fresh rival. Today, the Lucid Air electric sedan enters the world, presumably before the first production cars reach clients next year. And you can view the livestream debut right here around.

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Lucid’s already told us quite a bit about the car, but we’ll have to await the show get all the major details. The biggest splash is probably the fact that independent range testing revealed the Air should do 517 miles for a passing fancy charge, at the least an Air outfitted with the company’s top specs. Not to say, the car will sport 1,080 horsepower aswell.

From what we’ve seen, the Air appears like a stellar sedan, but hopefully, it will not feature a stratospheric price tag. We’ll soon know every thing though. Then, we’ll have a better concept of if Tesla should be worried. The whole shebang commences at 4 p.m. PT Wednesday.

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