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‘M3GAN’ Writer Says Film Was Made Way Less Gory Than The Actual Script

M3GAN script writer Akela Cooper claims that in the original script of the film the murderous A. I doll had a way higher body count and was relatively more gruesome.

In the latest interview, writer Akela Cooper who previously worked on the horror film Malignant said that the director Gerard Johnstone had to tone down the nature of the script once teenagers were involved. 

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Cooper says that even though she loves to work with Universal and can understand why the decision was made so that teenagers can watch the film as trailers went viral, an uncensored version of it should be released too as it is by the book. 

Cooper Shows Her Disapproval As M3GAN Lands A PG-13 Rating

The screenwriter added that the original script of M3GAN amounted to nothing if compared to Malignant. She goes on to say that the doll kills a few more people in this version along with the death of a pair of characters which producer James Wan was quite up against. He exclaims that he loved the idea but was strongly against killing them off. The writer claims to be merciless when it comes to her scripts, she might have extremely dark humor but that’s what makes her stand out in her field.

M3GAN is about an orphan 8-year-old kid named Cady played by Allison Williams who lives with her Great Aunt Gemma. She invents an A. I doll that looks realistic, it was meant for being a child’s true companion. However, the doll M3GAN quickly attaches herself to Cady emotionally and things start to get quite violent as she defies her programming. 

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Last month in December, both producers Jason wan and Blum suggested the audience should watch the movie before expressing their disappointment with M3GAN landing a PG-13 for the usage of intense language and its gruesome content. 

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