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Madonna Talks About The Attack On Dave Chapelle

Madonna has spoken out against the attack on comedian Dave Chapelle, whom she saw perform at the Hollywood Bowl on Tuesday night, calling it “disturbing for so many reasons.” Madonna, 63, was in attendance at Dave Chappelle’s comedy show on Tuesday when a guy approached the comic and attacked him. While Dave, 48, was uninjured, the assailant was shown to be equipped with a knife. Madonna used her 18 million Instagram followers to offer her views on the horrific occurrence.

She said in the caption that she had found the entire night “disturbing.” The actress posted a photo of herself with a card on her lips, standing close to the camera. This crimson card read “Team Chappelle,” and was an all-access pass to the show. 

Madonna Called The Attack Disturbing

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Madonna wore a black Balenciaga sweatshirt with the company name spelled out in various colors in the snaps. Her hair was styled in tight braids, and she wore silver chain necklaces and crucifix earrings. Madonna’s supporters responded to the horrifying occurrence in the comments area. Dave Chappelle has revealed further information on the man who reportedly assaulted him onstage at the Hollywood Bowl last week.

The comic, 48, recalled the circumstances of the Tuesday attack at a hidden comedy concert at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles on Thursday night, claiming he couldn’t see the man’s face but grabbed a grasp of his hair. Chappelle also explained how he persuaded security at the Hollywood Bowl to let him enter the room where his accused assailant, 23-year-old Isaiah Lee, was being detained. The comedian stated how he asked Lee what motivated the attack, and Lee responded with a story about his grandmother, who had been driven out of her Brooklyn neighborhood owing to gentrification. Lee intended for the event to attract attention to her predicament, according to Chappelle.

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