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Manchester City Plans On Using Metaverse To Create The Etihad Stadium

Manchester City, the defending champions in the Premier League, has teamed up with Sony to create a replica of the Etihad Stadium using metaverse. This will be the central hub for the team in the metaverse. Etihad Stadium is currently the home ground of the blue team from Manchester- which is also the top soccer team in English club football.

Last Friday saw the team announce a three-year agreement with Sony, which will provide virtual reality to experts which would then be introduced to skeletal-tracking technology and image analysis from subsidiary Hawk-Eye.

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Manchester City has hoped that fans would be enjoying most of the benefits of having a virtual stadium for their club. Although there are still COVID restrictions in place- something that has hampered the travel options for some, the inability to watch games in a completely immersive metaverse setting could definitely be a total relief for fans that have been itching to get a taste of a game setting. 

Manchester City To Use Metaverse To Create Virtual Stadium

The team has been currently tearing down most of the geographic barriers for the fans of Manchester city who either want to be a part of a live or record match through the construction of the virtual stadium. Nuria Tarre, the chief marketing officer of the City Football Group, recently stated that the whole point of including Metaverse was that one could recreate the game or watch it live- and they would still be a major part of the events surrounding it.

On the 23rd of January, Cointelegraph went on to announce that heightened interactivity and ownership of virtual items were important assets in order to have a base in the metaverse. As it stands, Manchester City could be leaping over both of these opportunities in order to give fans throughout the world more accessibility to the stadium as well as the team.

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