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Mandy Moore Is Expecting A Second Baby

Mandy Moore, the star of This Is Us, recently took to Instagram to announce that she and her husband Taylor Goldsmith were expecting their second baby. Currently, the two are already parents to August Harrison, their 15-month-old son. In her post on Instagram, she claimed that one incredibly seminal chapter of her life had just ended- only to signal the introduction of another. Needless to say, the couple is really excited about baby number 2. Moore, who also released her album recently, stated that the tour would definitely be different than what she had expected- and she couldn’t wait for her first baby to be the best big brother.

Mandy Moore Will Soon Be Welcoming Her Second Child 

The previous month saw Mandy Moore opening up on Instagram about her experiences as a mom– while she was celebrating Mother’s Day. She had posted a series of pictures with her child and had captioned it by stating that being the mother of August had been nothing short of the most rewarding as well as challenging job that she would ever have. But nevertheless, she would cherish it forever- for he was simply the best. 

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Last December saw Mandy Moore speaking with Parents for the cover story of the magazine, where she spoke about how welcoming her child had changed her life totally. She said that although it would sound pretty cheesy, all of the cliches were true. Her life was in technicolor now- and it simply made sense in a way that it didn’t previously. She had absolutely no idea that such a degree of love existed in this world. 

When she was asked about the influence her baby Gus would have on her, Mandy Moore responded that it would definitely change the things she wrote about- as well as an actor- where she would pick and choose her forte.

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