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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Mandy Moore Talks About Her Sweet Son August

Mandy Moore, like many other “This Is Us” viewers, finds it difficult to let go of the cherished NBC show. On May 24, the sixth season of the show came to an end, bringing some resolution to the Pearson family’s journey as the cast bid their final farewells. However, Moore recently acknowledged that life after the show has been “weird” for her in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Mandy Moore is savoring her time with her kid before she has a second child!

The 38-year-old This is Us actress uploaded a sweet photo of her son August, who is 17 months old “Gus,” the child she shares with her husband Taylor Goldsmith, saying, “Can not tolerate it. So appreciative of this time I have left with my adorable son before he becomes a big brother.” The actress and Goldsmith, 36, revealed their second pregnancy on Instagram in June. They are expecting a child this fall.

Mandy Moore Will Have An Unmedicated Birth Again

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Mandy Moore said that she has a health condition that precludes her from giving birth with medication. The This Is Us actress revealed that she had immune thrombocytopenic purpura, or ITP, in a July 2022 interview. Low blood platelet counts and other health issues might result from the autoimmune illness.

Moore, who gave her first child, August, in 2021, told TODAY that she will have to have an unmedicated delivery for the second time since her platelets are “too low for an epidural.” Despite the NBC drama’s Emmys snub this year, Moore said she still feels really thankful for what she was able to achieve over her six seasons there. Moore also said that she misses her “This Is Us” pals and working on the program.

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