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Thursday, December 8, 2022

West Side Story’s Maria, Rachel Zegler, Not Among Guests At The 2022 Oscars

The Maria of the modern-day version of West Side Story, Rachel Zegler has been kept out of the Oscar awards. The 20-year-old singer and actor said on Sunday that she did not receive an invitation to grace the awards ceremony at the Academy Awards.

Rachel Zegler was commenting on her social media page after a viewer said that they were eager to see her dress up at the Academy Awards. Rachel Zegler pithily commented that all she would wear at the Oscars are sweatpants and her boyfriend’s flannel, as she had not been invited.

Rachel Zegler Hopes For A Miracle To Get Invited

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She said that she had tried to, but it did not happen as per her wishes, replying on the same thread as fans expressed disappointment and surprise. She said that she would be rooting for West Side Story sitting on her couch and would be delighted for their creation for which they have toiled for 3 years.

The Academy of Motion Pictures has refused to comment on the matter. Disney is the distributor for the movie, but they too did not comment on the matter.

West Side Story has received 7 nominations for the Oscars. The reworking of the classic 1961 movie was directed by Steven Spielberg and was selected for the director, picture, and supporting role, female. The latter nomination, for the role of Anita, was for Ariana.

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Rachel Zegler won the best actress Golden Globe in a comedy or musical for her depiction of Maria in West Side Story.

Rachel Zegler will also be reprising the role of Snow White in another Disney remake of the classic movie, Snow White.  She revealed news of her role in a number of tweets recently. Zegler is an American citizen but traces her roots to Colombia. She said that playing an adored Disney character has always been a dream for her. She said it was exciting to be the character that she had always wanted to meet in her childhood.

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