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Mariah Carey Reveals That She Sent Shawn Mendez An Inside Joke Meant For Her Cousin

Mariah Carey stated that she sent Shawn Mendes a text message that was meant for her cousin Shawn M.

On St. Patrick’s Day, the music legend, 52, tweeted a snapshot of the text exchange to her Twitter account, wishing Mendes a Happy Thanksgiving Day.

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At 7:24 p.m., Mariah texted Shawn, according to the screenshot. ‘Thank you for everything (maple leaf emoji)!!!!’

Mariah Carey And Shawn Mendez Are A Comedic Duo

It didn’t take Mariah Carey long to discover she’d sent the message to the wrong Shawn, as she responded by claiming he was the wrong Shawn and that she knew it wasn’t Thanksgiving. She joked towards the conclusion of the message. Shawn graciously responded that he was aware of the inside joke. He also added two red heart emojis to the mix.

This isn’t the first time the unusual combo has made social media users laugh. Shawn shared a shirtless photo with an honest statement last year, proclaiming his admiration for Mariah’s vast musical library.

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Mariah Carey mocked Shawn by recreating the shot and text with a photo of herself adopting a similar position in the middle of a blacktop. The singer responded with a sequence of hearts and laughing emojis after seeing the Obsessed singer’s sly acknowledgment.

On Thursday, Shawn shared another shirtless photo as he prepped for his next show in Austin, Texas. Shawn threw his feet up on an outside fire pit as he basked in the sun with his muscular abs on show in a picture dump recording his Texas escapades shared to his Instagram account.

He also flaunted his muscular back while posing near a body of water. He captioned the photographs, ‘Austin, see you Saturday.’ The photographs were also identified as having been taken in the Texas city. Shawn is scheduled to play in Austin on March 19 as part of SXSW.

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