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Friday, June 18, 2021

Mark Wahlberg Posts After-And-Before Pictures Showing 20 Pounds Of Weight Gain!

Mark Wahlberg posts photos showing his current physical transformation. The star of “Wahlburgers” now, 49 years old, has revealed that he has gained roughly twenty pounds of weight for his role in a movie. He shared after-and-before pictures on his Instagram profile as evidence. He put up a small caption beside introducing the timeline of 3 weeks between the clicking of the two photos. He also thanked an Instagram user for thanking him for his physical transformation. 

The Internet Goes Wild Over The Physical Transformation Of Mark Wahlberg!

In his post, which he posted earlier to his recent pictures, Mark Wahlberg revealed his recent physique while working out at the gym. He also stated that Kenny, his partner, is down by 50 while he is up by around 20. He asked for inspiration to get better and poked fun at his weight saying that he needs to be up by another 20.

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He also mentioned that his recent weight gain has been for his new role in his upcoming new movie. The pictures showing the latest transformation of Mark Wahlberg earned him a lot of praise and love on Instagram. He also received a very supportive and motivational message from Mario Lopez, his fellow actor. Lopez commented that he is wearing a mad chubby in a very good manner. 

Rhea, the wife of Mark Wahlberg is also happy and says that she loves the way her husband is currently looking. She also put up a comment on her husband’s picture saying that her baby also looks as hot as this in person. She also posted an emoji of a red heart beside her comment. In an upcoming biopic starring Mark Wahlberg, he is playing the role of a boxer who turns into a priest. That is the primary reason behind Wahlberg’s physical transformation. 

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