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Mark Wright Became Uncle For The First Time

The good news is all over social media that Mark Wright has welcomed his nephew last week. Social media was filled with joy when the news of Mark Wright’s brother, Josh Wright, and his wife, Hollie Kane gave birth to a new beautiful baby. The whole experience of Mark’s becoming an uncle was described as ‘overwhelming’.  

Mark Wright Shared The Entire Experience With His Fans

Josh Wright is the younger brother of the star of reality TV, Mark Wright, and is a footballer by profession. The arrival of the baby was announced by the whole family on Instagram, however, they did not reveal the name of the baby with the fans. In addition to this, there has also been news that the child was born a month early. 

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The alum of the ‘Only Way is Essex’, Mark Wright, though became an uncle for the first time, is also excited to have a niece in this year again from, Jessica Wright, his sister. In his interview on a radio show named Heart FM, he expressed that the newborn is very beautiful. He also added by saying that the whole experience was full of surprise and shock and later on he was overwhelmed to see such a cute and gorgeous baby. 

The finalist of the reality show ‘I’m a Celebrity’, Mark Wright, revealed that he and Michelle Keegan, his wife, were present in his parent’s home when the news came that the baby was born. In the views of his presenter, the couple is staying there as their own house is being renovated. Mark Wright also stated that he and his wife along with his mother, Carol Wright, went to the hospital during the delivery, while his father remained at home. 

The official announcement was done by Mark Wright when he posted in the family WhatsApp group about the good news. Furthermore, when the news was shared with his father, he encouraged everyone to open a bottle for a celebration.

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