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Friday, March 5, 2021

Trump Supporter Mike Lindell Chalks Out Martial Law Plan To Reverse Election Defeat

My Pillow founder and staunch Trump ally, Mike Lindell, pushes for martial law at White House to reverse the “unfair” decision of the electoral college regarding the 2020 Presidential Elections.

The US Army Cyber Attorney was apparently promised a Senior National Security position in return of the reversal of the election defeat. However, when questioned on the same, Mike Lindell expressed confusion and denied the claims.

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Frank Colon discussed the matter with the New York magazine saying that Mike Lindell’s name was present on the list of the people to be present at the White House. Colon finds this odd as he is “just a government employee who does work for the army”.

To this, Ben Jacobs said that on questioning him, Lindell appeared “befuddled” over claims of securing a high national position in exchange of imposing martial law in the nation. He further mentioned that he had never met Lindell in person but was familiar with him as a Television personality.

Mike Lindell Shows Off His Notes Saying “Martial Law” Before Entering White House

Mike Lindell, the founder of My Pillow that makes sleep-aiding pillows is a familiar figure on TV where you can catch a glimpse of him on advertisements and so on. After this, he became a leading Trump booster and ally.

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Lindell was photographed on Friday carrying notes into the White House that seemed to promote the imposition of martial law in the nation. The notes mentioned the words, “martial law if necessary” among other things. This comes during a time when Trump has no other resorts open to reverse the election results based on his “baseless” claims of widespread voter fraud.

The President is to be replaced by Joe Biden this Wednesday. Currently, Trump is facing two impeachment charges issued against him with regard to the Capitol Hill riots on January 6.

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