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Matthew Perry Opened Up About His Breakup

Not only was Chandler Bing’s dating life a mess but also Matthew Perry’s. 90s heartthrob and sarcasm king  Matthew Perry was a mess. He indulged himself with drugs and alcohol back in the day while filming Friends.

Why Did Matthew Perry Broke Up With Julia Roberts?

And he answered he felt he was not good enough for Julia Roberts. Back in the mid-90s, Matthew Perry ruled over the industry with his charisma, and sarcasm, playfulness. But a coin has two sides, and so did Matthew Perry. He was an addict, in an interview he shared how he cannot recall from season 2 to season 7 of Friends. Even the friends cast loved him so dearly that Jennifer Aniston broke down in front of the camera whilst talking about Perry. His addiction took away so much from him, it cost him love, confidence, friends, and family.

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Matthew further shared how vulnerable he was and felt Julia Roberts was ‘too much’ for him. And he was confident about his own life and the relationship he had with her, that she was gonna break up with him. So as a defense mechanism he did it first, and later regrets his decision.

Matthew Perry sent dozen of roses to impress her and did win her, even Julia Roberts starred as a guest in Friends, where she played Joey’s director’s role who eventually turn out to be an old classmate of Chandler. And the iconic scene at the restaurant where she took away chandler’s clothes and Ross and Joey came to the rescue but in vain. The door of the toilet helped him only. While filming Friends Matthew Perry had to go to rehab twice.

He was at peak of his career when addiction got him and regrets it because of how much he has lost. He further shared that he spent over $9 million just to get sober. He has lost many great projects because of addiction. He nearly died because of an overdose. All of these thoughts of being a failure made him break up with Julia Roberts.

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